You Are Where You Shop
If you're like me, you love a good coupon. Saving money equals happiness and brings with it a rewarding sense of accomplishment!
But finding a good deal sometimes comes with a cost. Researchers in Seattle have come up with a new study that says shopping at the cheaper grocery stores may mean w…
Josh Hamilton Out of the Hospital
As a big Texas Rangers fan, I usually put on a Josh Hamilton t-shirt after church on Sundays, and get a bag of chips and watch the game in the easy chair. Well.....as the kids are yelling for Dora, and asking for juice, and doing the things kids do. I TRY to watch the Rangers anyway.
The game wasn'…
Smoking Banned at One Local College
When I went to college at the University of Nebraska, I can remember walking out of my journalism building into a puff of smoke. Smokers would congregate outside after class to have a quick drag before the next class. That may be a thing of the past.
More and more schools now are banning smoking on…
Guys With Engineering Jobs Are Most Likely to Cheat
The website AshleyMadison.com conducted a survey, and the results might help you figure out if your significant other is a cheater.
AshleyMadison is a dating site for married people looking to have affairs. Ever seen that on your husband or wife's browsing history?
Military Members, Beware of Scam
The IRS is warning of a new scam that targets the military.
Perhaps we've all been perturbed by a scam at some point in our lives...one that comes in the form of a telemarketing phone call or an email that phishes for personal and financial information. But why bother our military heroes with that t…
School’s Out, Why Can’t Workers be Released for the Summer?
We grew up having our summers free, out of school. Why can't that yearly sabbatical continue into adulthood?
Could you imagine having the summers off? We'd be at Lake Sam Rayburn every day sunning ourselves, not thinking about conference calls and work meetings and deadlines. We could go the the m…
Transit of Venus will be Visible in Lufkin and Nacogdoches
When you hear the phrase, “Transit of Venus,” it sounds like it might be a band name or a good club with velvet ropes and a line out the door on a Saturday night. But it has nothing to do with pop culture. It really does have something to do with the planet Venus, and it&…

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