They Did It! Hudson Girls Are State Champs!
If you've played sports or are a sports fan, you know the underdog always possesses one unique trait: confidence! If you believe you can win, you can win.
To win the state championship hardware, the Hudson Lady Hornets had to get by the number one seed in the tournament, and they did that Satu…
Hudson One Win Away from State Championship
There are only two teams left in Class 3A Softball, and Hudson is one of them.
After a 5 to 2 semi-final win over West High School yesterday in Austin, the Hudson Lady Hornets play for the state championship tomorrow.
With a day off in Austin I'd have the urge to hit about five mexican restaurants for…
Is the Facebook Founder a Good Tipper?
I have to say I’m not very good at math, and I have no interest in trying to figure out what a twenty percent tip is on a $46.56 bill. I always make my spouse do the arithmetic. And you?
Whether we’re dining at Logan's Roadhouse, the Outback Steakhouse, or Cotton Patch, we usually try to be generous …
Lufkin May Crack Down on Tanning and Tattoos
Next time you get a tattoo in Lufkin or hit the tanning beds, you may find new rules and tighter health codes.
Yesterday at the Angelina County Commissioner's Court meeting a representative from the health department said several health code violations have been discovered recently.
What's t…
Voters Head to the Polls for Texas Primary
Have you voted yet? Election officials in Angelina County say more than 5600 people voted early, in the two weeks prior to today's primary.
The race for Angelina County Sheriff is one to watch. On the Republican side voters will choose between Allen Hill and Greg Sanches. Jim Hodges runs unopposed…
Lake Levels Are Up, More Boaters Hit the Water

By the end of the summer in 2011, the water levels were dangerously low at many Texas Lakes, and some were completely empty. Remember those images of Lake Travis near Austin? They had dry, cracked dirt where the water had existed before, and docks were left high and dry.
This year, much better!
Where are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Lufkin?
It's the beginning of a holiday weekend, YAY! And the beginning of people in your way on the road and aggressive drivers ticking you off. Who will present the biggest problem on the road today? It's those darn red light runners.
We've probably all had the experience of sitting at a red light that …
More Job Seekers are Getting Tattoos Removed
Gotten any tattoos removed lately? If so, you're not alone. A survey conducted by The Patient’s Guide, an online skincare reference center, shows laser tattoo removals are up by 32 percent this year compared to 2011.
And will you keep your tattoo into your eighties? One of m…
Holiday Weekend Means Texans Hit the Road

Triple A says more than 34 million Americans will drive more than 50 miles from home over the three day Memorial Day weekend. In Texas, that's 2.8 million people clogging up the roads. And your plans?
My family plans to skip the road trip and do something totally different....backyard camping! Many…
Golfers Get Ready to “Tee it up for Teachers”

Golf goes something like this: slice, bad shot, terrible shot, decent chip, missed putt but a little closer to the hole, and then finally that dang ball finds its way and sinks into the hole. It doesn't usually happen exactly like that for Tiger Woods, but for many east Texas weekend golfers (myse…
Texas Fans To See Few Remaining Van Halen Shows
The June 20 show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas will be one of the last shows for Van Halen this year. See them while you can!
Fans can also catch them June 22 in San Antonio and June 24 in Houston, but as you've probably heard, everything after June 26 has been cancelled. Shows in …
Parts of East Texas to Get Partial Views of Solar Eclipse
An eclipse like this only happens once every twenty years, and it will be viewable in Texas Sunday; partially anyway.
A solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the sun for a time, and leaves a ring of fire around its circumference. The sky gets a little spooky-looking for a bit and then the moon a…

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