Just How Hot Will It Be This Summer?
Last summer was hot. Miserably hot. But meteorologists are predicting that this summer might not be so bad.
Might we actually be able to leave our air-conditioned homes, schools, and offices at 4 p.m. without pain? Will the pools be cool and refreshing, instead of feeling like bath water?
East Texas Offers Plenty of Ghost Towns
Ever heard of Acol, Texas? You probably won't find it on a map now.
Texasscapes.com says Acol was a logging camp owned by Angelina County Lumber Company that actually moved on railroad cars so it could travel from forest to forest.
Second Annual GenTX Day Set for May 4
Next week you may be seeing college t-shirts everywhere in Texas.
Next Friday, May 4 is the second annual GenTX Day, when students across the state spend the day surrounded by people wearing college t-shirts. You'll see college t-shirts at the office and at stores and restaurants, and even teachers …
Just One Thing Can Ruin a Nice Day at an East Texas Lake
Ladies, have you tried on a bathing suit yet? Guys, have you told your gal how great she looks in a bathing suit yet?
It’s almost time to head to East Texas lakes like Sam Rayburn, enjoy the sunshine, hang out with friends and family, float in a boat, and grill some great food. I’ve got a friend wi…
Big Sale This Week Offers Bargain Books
It's time again for the Kurth Memorial Library Book Sale, where readers in East Texas put down the eReader in favor actual paper and binding. It starts Friday!
Do you think books are going the way of vinyl records? Many people have something digital now to listen to music and read books, but it see…
East Texas Store Participates in Record Store Day
Record Store Day has been building momentum for the past few years, and this time around more artists than ever have chosen to get involved. Saturday, April 21 is the day that hundreds of artists release new and limited edition material exclusively to Mom and Pop stores to encourage music lovers to…
Do You Really Know How to Pronounce that Texas Town?
Of course East Texans know how to pronounce Nacogdoches. Spelling it may a little more difficult, but we have the pronunciation down.
What about the Texas town of Mexia? Yes, Muh-Hay-Yuh. That’s an embarassing one to miss! Pronouncing the X makes you look silly.
Ever heard someone from the north g…
Volunteers Clean up East Texas
Have you run across a pile of trash like this recently? Volunteers got after issues like this over the weekend, on a quest to clean up East Texas.
One of the local efforts was organized by Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful Bright as part of the Don't Mess with Texas Trash- Off Saturday, and it was the…
Good Weekend to Catch Some Local And Major League Baseball
The Texas Rangers are on the road this weekend at Minnesota, and the Houston Astros are playing in Miami against the Marlins. Have you seen the way the Marlins have been introducing their players? They're accompanied by women dressed as Latino showgirls. You won't see that everywhere. But we dig…

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