5 Reasons Why the Library is Awesome
If you're not using the Kurth Memorial Library in Lufkin, or the Nacogdoches Public Library on a regular basis you're totally missing out. It's a great resource and it's free! Check out these 5 reasons why the library is awesome.
Amnesty at the Lufkin Library Waives Fees
If you just discovered an overdue library book under a pile of clothes as you were spring cleaning, you're in luck.  You don't have to be banned!  The library is waiving fines and fees as part of an amnesty period that starts today, and it runs for several weeks.
Big Sale This Week Offers Bargain Books
It's time again for the Kurth Memorial Library Book Sale, where readers in East Texas put down the eReader in favor actual paper and binding. It starts Friday!
Do you think books are going the way of vinyl records? Many people have something digital now to listen to music and read books, but it see…