Three of the Top Small Town Cafes Are in East Texas
There's an art to becoming a "cafe."

A cafe is not just another restaurant, and could very well serve up its meals with a big scoop that goes splat on a platter. And we love it.

Three of the best small town cafes are in rural communities not far from us, proving that you don'…
July 4th Fireworks In and Near Lufkin and Nacogdoches
It's a Fourth of July tradition - get the family together, grill up some burgers & dogs, enjoy one of our local festivals or fairs, and then get on a picnic blanket and watch the fireworks that celebrate our country's freedom. Sound good to you? Check out the Nacogdoches and Lufkin…
BREAKING NEWS: ‘Water Boiling’ Urged in Livingston
This emergency fax just came across my desk.  Well, I really don't have a desk.  More like a chair and a box.  But, if I were to paint the box a brownish/beige, it may pass for a desk.
Anyway, on a serious note, this urgent message from the Lake Livingston Water Supply & Sewer Servi…
East Texas Weather Update
Winter Storm Warning continues…we’re hearing reports of a number of vehicles across East Texas that are sliding off streets and highways…BE CAREFUL!!
Here’s the latest list we have on closures and delayed starts.