A Guy Saves For a Year to Buy His Wife the Perfect Gift
It's not necessarily the gift itself, but it's the fact that this husband new how much it would mean to her, socked money away for an entire year to make it happen, and made a scrapbook to reveal the big news.  Guys don't scrapbook!  What an amazing hubby...
Being A Woman Has Its Benefits…Health Benefits
It ain't easy being a girl sometimes.  We psych ourselves out emotionally, hear voices in our heads, struggle with weight and body image issues, stress over guys that aren't worth it, and have to fight off constant cravings for chocolate, granola, and sometimes vodka.  But there …
Guys Get Jitters Before First Dates Too
We might think guys and gals have a pretty dramatically different approach to the dating process when it comes to deciding what to wear and things like that, but it turns out maybe the genders are more similar than we thought.
How many times do you guys change your mind about what you're wearing…
Dating Pet Peeves Center On Communication. Text Back Already!
Perhaps this has happened to you girls.  And guys, heads up.
You meet a guy on a dating site or app, you chat there and hit it off, he asks for your number and you give it to him, you text a few times, and then he trails off and you never hear from him again.  You didn’t send him an unflattering pic …
Women Expect Men To Be Good With A Lawn Mower – And What Else?
Growing up in a small town in Nebraska I was close to my family, and there were certain things I always expected by dad to know how to do.  He was always there fixing things with his handy drill, landscaping the yard with his trusty riding lawn mower, and grilling ribs on Sundays.  He was just the g…
Who Takes More Selfies, Men or Women?
Ladies, we are the champions!  Someone added up the number of selfies taken across the globe, and we gals take more selfies than guys do.  Not surprised!  I snapped this one with my daughter yesterday just cuz.
I think guys take more bathroom mirror selfies (if the dating websites are any indication)…
Most Women Want a Feminine Guy. Really?
Seventy-six percent of women want to settle down with a feminine guy.
Talk amongst ya selves!  Discuss.
That flies in the face of all that talk that women like a tough and gruff, macho dude.  Or can a guy be all of those things?

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