How Much Will You Spend Before Telling Your Spouse?
We're talking about this on the show today.
Let's say you're at Lufkin Mall and you spot something expensive that you just have to have.
Do you need approval from your better half?  Or, after you buy it, do you reveal how much you spent?
It might depend on how much that thing costs, and men and women h…
Texans Are Finding Ways to Make Cash on the Side
It's not a bad thing.
Maybe you've got a full-time job, but you're looking to make extra money.  Or you're a full-time parent or student that needs to make cash in the middle of all the other obligations.
It turns out, Texas is a great place to make that happen.
Ten Things We’re Likely to Spend Too Much Money On
I have a friend who is planning a wedding right now, and although she's looking forward to the big day, she has expressed doubts about why in the heck she's spending so much money on one event.  She said, "All this money is going out the door and for what?  A big party?"  Look at it this w…
Local Charities to Benefit From United Way Funds
The local United Way is in the middle of deciding how to divy up about $700,000 this year.
Several local agencies have requested the help, and the Angelina County United Way spent much of Tuesday interviewing those groups and listening to them make their case.
Today they're meeting to start makin…

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