There’s a Remedy for Earworms; A Little Sodoku Perhaps
Did you wake up today and have a song stuck in your head?  Maybe some AC/DC, Back in Black?  Sometimes it's nice to have a song playing over and over in our heads, especially a song that rocks like that.  The phenomenon known as an "earworm" can be nice at times.
But on the off chance that …
If We Spend Too Much, Blame It On The Christmas Music
Chances are, if you’ve strolled through Lufkin Mall lately, you’ve heard Christmas music piping through the speakers as you shop.
Maybe you’ve thought nothing of it. Tis the season after all, and we expect to hear the Christmas music in our favorite stores. In fact, not hearing it would be an odd thi…
Steve Miller Band to Re-Issue First Five Albums
Between the years 1968 and 1970, the Steve Miller Band released five albums that put them on the classic rock map. The group will reissue those five albums — with some help from Edsel Records — this coming Oct. 8 as digitally remastered special digipak editions.
Alice Cooper Speaks To Kids About Music Education
As the prototypical shock-rocker, Alice Cooper became famous by giving kids nightmares. Now, he’s looking to make their musical dreams come true. On Thursday (April 5), Cooper spoke before the Paradise Valley School Board in his hometown of Phoenix to announce the donation of $20,000…

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