East Texas Reacts to Kaufman County Killings
The news of the killings in Kaufman is making national headlines, and causing courthouses across the country to question security, and in some cases provide extra security for public officials.
Kaufman is about 135 miles away from Nacogdoches.  Two months ago, Kaufman County Assistant District Attorn…
Nacogdoches Bus Riders Facing Long Journey
Imagine living about one mile from work, and because of a disability, you are unable to drive, so you climb aboard the local transit (bus) system.
Coping with a 30 minute top-to-bottom ride to work is acceptable, but spending nearly two hours going home is clearly not.
Meeting Planned This Week in Nacogdoches to Talk About I-69
After years of planning, studying, talking, and more studying, I-69 in East Texas is closer to becoming a reality.
The final proposal has been presented to the Texas Dept. of Transportation, and now the project is entering into the public interaction phase.
There's a meeting planned for Tuesday i…

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