The US Navy is Taking Fried Foods Off the Menu
My dad is a US Navy veteran and he doesn't talk much about the heat of the battles, but he does talk about what the food was like.  From what I gather, in the 1960's the food in US Navy "mess halls" as my dad called them was decent, but kinda bland.  Then later …
Texas Graduation Speaker Goes Viral
A Navy Seal who graduated from the University of Texas-Austin went back to the school last month to deliver the 2014 Commencement Address, it's received over 1.5 million views so far on Youtube.
This US Navy Commander led the operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.
Navy Unveils Newest Warship and Names it After Texas City
When I think of a fleet of Naval ships, I'm often reminded of my Uncle Sylvester.  He and my daddy used to battle over the superiority of the uniform, Marine Corp vs. Navy.
No winners and losers here mind you, just honest-to-goodness family jousting that usually climaxed over a game of &…