Netflix ‘Punisher’ Director Reveals Fall 2017 Premiere
This year will mark the first in which Marvel schedules three Netflix premieres, including Iron Fist in March, The Defenders in August, and Daredevil spinoff The Punisher. Marvel has yet to define the latter’s premiere beyond 2017, but a Punisher director may have given us a fall premiere.
Report: ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Announcement Coming Soon
There’s no exact science to Marvel’s Netflix series announcing renewals, as both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage got pickups well after premiere day. Enthusiasm for Iron Fist isn’t anywhere near as high, but if you take Finn Jones’ word for it, we might get that Season 2 anno…
Rumor: ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Starts Casting for Production
The Defenders only had so long to rest up after production, as Jessica Jones immediately returned to work for a long-overdue second season. Less clear was when Daredevil Season 3 or Luke Cage Season 2 might shoot, but mounting evidence suggests that the latter is headed back to Harlem soon, and with…
What’s Expiring From Netflix Instant: May 2017
You know the drill: Every month, Netflix Instant delivers a glorious bounty of new titles for us to stream until we can’t feel our butts anymore. But just as Netflix giveth, so must they taketh away, and with each new month comes a list of movies and TV shows that are set to expire from the s…

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