Bikini Profile Pics Get 10x More Dates
That's the secret ladies.  Wear a bikini in your profile pic and you'll get more dates.  Do those get your attention the most guys?  Is that a dumb question?  And do the drink pics and travel pics have an impact?
A Guy Saves For a Year to Buy His Wife the Perfect Gift
It's not necessarily the gift itself, but it's the fact that this husband new how much it would mean to her, socked money away for an entire year to make it happen, and made a scrapbook to reveal the big news.  Guys don't scrapbook!  What an amazing hubby...
Women Expect Men To Be Good With A Lawn Mower – And What Else?
Growing up in a small town in Nebraska I was close to my family, and there were certain things I always expected by dad to know how to do.  He was always there fixing things with his handy drill, landscaping the yard with his trusty riding lawn mower, and grilling ribs on Sundays.  He was just the g…
Husbands Are Great At Sabotaging Wives’ Diets
There are many diet-wreckers out there, and "self" is not one of them.  Cool!
Sorry guys, but those so-called experts are saying that husbands are to blame for those five pounds that keep coming back on.  The "insecure spouse" is the number one diet-ruine…
This Really Happened To Me On a Date!
I've been doing the online dating thing for about six months, and as you might guess I haven't had that much success with it because I'm still doing it.
It has been a wild ride for sure, but nothing up to this point can compare with the crazy thing that happened Friday night.  I&a…
Note to Guys; Ladies Aren’t Impressed with Drunkenness
Just in case you're working on impressing a new love this weekend, I thought I'd pass along some helpful tidbits from a new Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll.
Here's what women say about when they're not so impressed with their man.
Hint - don't booze it up too much at the big 4th o…
How Can You Tell If An Online Dating Profile is Fake?
If you see an online profile that says something like, "Rich Algerian Prince with a PhD seeks quality relationship with a good Catholic," be leary!
And know that words like "hot" and "bombshell" are sometimes used by people of varying degrees of actual hotness.  People w…

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