5 Band Reunions We’d Love To See — But Never Will
Some band breakups are more acrimonious than others. While some splits are rife with bitterness and lawsuits, others are just cases of musicians going their separate ways, amicably.
We always wonder what the chances of our favorite groups getting back together are; The Eagles famously said they&Close…
Bill Ward Holds Out Hope for a Black Sabbath Reunion
The split between Black Sabbath and longtime drummer Bill Ward over a contract dispute has been well documented, but the musician still has positive feelings toward the group and says in a new interview that he's hoping that there will eventually be a return to the band.
Beach Boys To Reunite For 2012 Grammy Ceremony?
Looks like it could be the Beach Boys, not Van Halen, who are going to make big news by reuniting at the Grammy Awards this year. Rumors were flying at breakneck pace around the music business that Van Halen were to make some major announcement at the nominations telecast. That didn’t happen, and it…
Reunion For The Kinks Possible
Ray Davies told Rolling Stone magazine that he’s seeing his brother Dave Davies next week and wants to let everyone know, if Dave is up for a reunion, he’d be up for it too!