Local scams in 2016, including one that cost someone $250,000
Everyday in East Texas, there are numerous scamming attempts.  Just a daily look at area police reports will bear that out.  There always seems to be someone reporting that their financial information was compromised or that someone tried to get secure information through a phone call.
Sandy Relief Efforts Bring Out The Scammers
Surely karma will take care of these folks.
There are reports (and maybe you’ve seen the posts) that people on Facebook and other social media sites are claiming to be storm victims when they’re not. Those folks are asking for money right along with legitimate hurrican…
Scams Keep Targeting Military Veterans
No one is immune from scams, not even the our current troops and military veterans. We're learned that scammers don't have a scrupulous bone in their body, so I don't suppose we should be surprised that they don't even spare the folks that we're supposed to hold in the highest esteem.
Sometimes, when…
Beware of ‘Work-at-Home’ Job Ads, Company Could be Corrupt
There's a so-so, quasi, used, already done, coming around the block again scam, and East Texans seeking work should be wary of the unwanted intruder, and escort it away swiftly and quickly.
Work-at-home opportunities may sound like just the thing to do until an eight to five day is in your emplo…
New Scam Targets East Texas Businesses Via Emails
Another scam around East Texas may compromise your bank account nearly 500 clams if you happen to let your guard down!
Here's how it works: Let's say your business is a Chamber of Commerce member, and you have your company listing on the annual city and …