Sleeping With Your Dog Is a Good Thing
The experts say it's a good thing to let the dog sleep in the bed with you.  But does your sig other agree?
See why this "good thing" could also be a deal breaker for relationships.
Is Less Sleep Better?
It seems like the need for 8 hours of sleep has been drilled into our heads our entire lives, but that recommended amount of sleep may be changing.
Is it possible that 8 isn't great?
Happy Couples Sleep An Inch Apart
Do you snuggle up with your sweetie at night, so close that you're in inch apart all night long?
Good for you!  You're among the happy couples then.  Eighty-six percent of couples that sleep really close to each other are happy in their relationships.
How in the world do you handle…
Think School Will Ever Start at 10am?
I ran across some stats that said concentration levels improve when teens get 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep per night, they'd be at their peak if school started about 10am.  Think that will happen?
What Would You Do With An Extra Hour in the Day?
How many times have you heard somebody drone on with the thought, "I just need another hour in the day...."  We all try to cram so much into a 24-hour period there's just not enough time for all of it.  And the lack of an extra hour comes in as a handy excuse for missing something!
So if yo…

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