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Are You Near Sighted? Far Sighted? Screen Sighted?
It's a brand new problem thanks to smart phones.
Since we spend so much time looking at small screens on smart phones and tablets, one researcher says it's ruining our eyesight!  Sort of.  At the very least, more people are having problems seeing things off in the distance.
You can see your apps on yo…
Butt Dials to 911 are a Growing Problem
9-1-1 false alarms are nothing new. We’ve heard of kids dialing 9-1-1 when there’s no emergency, and we've heard about people calling emergency dispatchers for all the wrong reasons, liked burned hamburgers at fast food restaurants and things.
But have you ever been driving on Highway 59 or Highway …
Checking the Smart Phone is Like Breathing
Smart phones are part of us now. You probably always have it with you, and checking work email on it might be second nature.
Did you know that's adding up to a ton of overtime? Click and see how many people HAVE to check their email on their smart phone before going to bed. We never really ge…
Smartphones to Outnumber People by 2016
The tech company Cisco Systems predicts something we all probably knew was coming. Within the next 5 years, the number of smart phones on earth will eclipse the number of people living here.
We're just sharing the planet with smartphones!