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Breakups Just Got Easier on Social Media
So you fall in love, follow each other on social media, like all of each other's posts, and then break up.
But now you can limit the posts your ex sees about you, on at least one social media site.
#1 Site Trending on Twitter Wednesday was Myspace
Myspace used to be a favorite choice for social media goers, and then Facebook came along and sort of squashed it.  Some stayed with Myspace - in fact it's always been a great place for bands and musicians to connect with fans - but many jumped ship for other sites.
Myspace invaded Twitter …
New Site Comes to the Aid of Facebook Addicts
If you've been feeling lately like Facebook is eating up a little too much of your life and you just have to take a break from all the Liking and Sharing, a new website has popped up to help you make a clean break.

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