Taco Bell

You Might Get a Free Taco at Taco Bell
There sure are a lot of Cubs fans around.  After Chicago advanced to the World Series with the win on Saturday night, I saw jerseys at the grocery store on Sunday, and one guy even wore his Cubs jersey to church.  He's an usher, and he greeted people that way.
Even if you're not a…
Taco Bell Is Starting to Deliver
Oh, this could be dangerous at 10pm when you get a craving for Taco Bell and you don't feel like leaving the house because you're half-dressed and trying to finish the last thirty minutes of a Will Ferrell movie.  Taco Bell might soon deliver that Chalupa right to your door.
Fast Food Gets Faster At Taco Bell
Here's another reason to fear losing your smart phone.  Our whole lives are on there, and now food is involved!
Taco Bell has a new app that they just unveiled this week, that lets you place an order and skip the line.  And the app knows when you're almost to the restaurant t…
Taco Bell Introduces the Biscuit Taco
Soon you'll have to decide what shape you want your breakfast in.
McDonalds has the round bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, and now Taco Bell is coming out with the same thing shaped like  taco.
‘Fast Food Workers Gone Wild’ Going Viral On Web
One of my very first non-radio gigs, even before I was legal enough to work, was a fast food hot dog joint called "Der Wienerschnitzel", and admittedly I saw Lance pick up a dropped "dog" and put in the bun for the unsuspecting drive-thru customer.
Yes, back in the 70s we did thos…
FREE Doritos Locos Taco Today at Taco Bell!
Sadly, today's headlines include the devastation left behind by Huricane Sandy.  Having friends in the region describe their worst experience in life, my thoughts and prayers go out to those having to endure the nightmare of rebuilding their lives.