You’re Probably Doing This With Your Tax Refund
Tax refunds are fun money, right? It depends on how you define "fun." It might surprise you what most people are planning to do with the tax refund this year.
And if you're still looking for free tax help in Lufkin, this is where you can find it.
Your Tax Refund Will Come in 21 Days or Less
Despite stories about delays with refunds this year, most of the experts seem to think you'll get your tax refund within 21 days of the time you file.  And if taxes stress you out, you may be able to get some free help in Lufkin.
There Are Reasons To Be Happy About Taxes in Texas
Here comes that tax deadline, which means it's peak demand time and accountants might be charging more than they did earlier in the tax season.  It's true.
But overall, Texans are a lot better off than people in other states when it comes to taxes.
Lufkin Volunteers Help With Taxes
The IRS has started accepting income tax returns, so your big fat refund is not far off!  We hope you're not one of the unlucky souls that has to pay.
Regardless, if you need help with your income taxes this year, there's free assistance through Goodwill's Tax Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.…
‘Texas Sales Tax Holiday’ on August 17-19
Wanna get the word out on this ASAP?  The Texas Comptroller (the person overseeing the finances of the state) has announced August 17-19 will be the Texas Sales Tax holiday!
Add up the math and you could reap a windfall of savings on eligible items selling for under $100!  The key words her…