10 Dumb Tweets About Kurt Cobain for His Birthday
Ugh, come on people. Kurt Cobain is trending pretty hard on Twitter today, since it's his birthday, but we doubt the authenticity of some of these "fans." Here are some dumb, dumb tweets dedicated to Cobain on his birthday. (We left out the twenty gazillion tweets of the quote "Wantin…
Texas Among the Saddest States
Feeling blue today?  Blame it on Texas.
That's what a new study says, that looked over Twitter posts from us Texans, and others across the US. The study combed for negative and positive words, and added them all up to see which states had happy people, and which states had residents with em…
Lufkin Animal Shelter Receives National Buzz Online
A few days ago, Stacey Faulkner tweeted a photograph of a dog potentially being mishandled by workers at a Lufkin Animal Shelter. That caught the attention of not only her own Twitter Followers, but also the attention of singer Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.
The firestorm led to an investigation into th…
Charlie Sheen Fired!
Two and a Half Men said last week they were suspending the contract of Charlie Sheen and halting production of the show.  Monday, officials with the show announced they were terminating Charlie Sheen's contract.