valentines day

Dumped? Dump Your Ex’s Stuff at Goodwill.
If you don't get your stuff back before  you break up, you might be finding it at the Goodwill Lufkin.
Valentine's Day is a good time to purge memories of the ex, and one way to do that is to dump the stuff off at a Lufkin-Diboll-Nacogdoches Goodwill location. Lots of relationship left…
Looking For Romance? Double Date!
Forget going out to dinner with your special someone alone, and staring romantically into their eyes over intimate conversation and candlelight.
The experts say the way to kindle some romance in your relationship, is to go on a double date.
An Engagement Ring Costs How Much?
Engagement rings are getting cheaper.  Sort of.
The average engagement ring cost over $2400 last year, according to a survey by American Express, and this year guys are shelling out $2311 for that rock.  Still pricey!
Ever Sent Flowers to Yourself on Valentine’s Day?
Perhaps you gals are sitting at work today waiting on that gorgeous bouquet of flowers to arrive on this day of love.  Guys may be waiting on the big "thanks, you're so sweet" phone call or text.  Happy Valentine's Day!
Have you ever sent Valentine Flowers to yourself?  Ok, guys probably ha…
Texas Chocolate Maker Creates Chocolate Shoes
Don't know what to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day?  How about a chocolate shoe!
Most women love fancy shoes, and some will pay more than a car payment for a coveted pair.
Then there are others of us who prefer a comfy pair of sneakers over the fancy pumps.  But we still like chocolate.
Big chunks…

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