Texas Millennials Are Hipper Than This
This parody video on millennials has been around for a couple of years, but a friend showed it to me again over the weekend and I thought it was worth sharing to ask a question. Are millennials in Texas this stereotypical?
One East Texas City is the Worst in Texas?
This video has been viewed more than 60,000 times on Youtube, probably by people who are getting upset and trying to defend their city.
The video picks out ten cities in Texas to be the worst, and an East Texas town is holding down the number one spot.
Shudder Is New Netflix For Horror Fans
I'm a sucker for a good scary, horror flick! All the classics, Jaws, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, etc. Every Friday, or maybe Saturday night I had friends over to the house to watch something together. Our girlfriends would scoot a little closer, and that was…
This AC/DC Cover Will Blow Your Mind
Maybe you've never craved an acoustic version of an AC/DC song, but this is totally worth the listen.  Holy smokes!  This guy is amazing.  Listen to the Italian guitarist Luca Stricagnoli pound out Thunderstruck.  Wow.
25 Sure Signs You Grew Up In Texas
Have you seen this video?  Buzzfeed put it out awhile back, but it's a good reminder of the cool things about Texas, and if nothing else it makes us thing of warm summer nights and sunshine instead of the winter chill that's on us now.
Have you mentioned to someone that Whataburger hel…

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