Vancouver Canuck Fans Riot Over Stanley Cup Loss [VIDEO]
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm Canadian - but the behavior exemplified after Wednesday night's hockey game makes me a little embarrassed to admit that I lived in Vancouver for over five years.
After a historic win on enemy territory, the Boston Bruins became the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions, defeati…
$765 Beer Comes Wrapped in Roadkill [VIDEO]
Thanks, but no thanks.
The beer has a 55% alcohol level, making it the world's strongest beer. What's the point of taking shots of the beer, when drinking is supposed to be a pleasurable and leisurely activity.
Oh, and did we mention that the UK-based firm --co-owned by James Watt and Martin Dickie - …
Dad Drops Daughter In Attempt To Catch Foul Ball [VIDEO]
With a foul ball heading toward him, and his daughter in his arms, a man at a Los Angeles Dodger's game had to make a split-second choice
He decided to drop his daughter and go for the catch. While this may have been a justifiable decision if he had been able to snag the ball, he dropped that, too.
Man Steals Beer To Pick Up Women [VIDEO]
A man in Jensen Beach, Florida got picked up by police before he picked up any chicks.
Twenty-year-old Anthony Hernandez admitted to police he stole an 18-pack of Bud Light from a 7-Eleven on Monday in the hopes he could use the beer to "score some women."
Wrestling Great ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Dead at 58
Legendary wrestler 'Macho Man' Randy Savage died today in a car accident in Tampa, Florida, reports TMZ. He was 58.
Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, said he passed away after he lost control of his car when he had a heart attack shortly before 9:30AM. The Florida Highway Patrol says Sava…
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Tryouts Underway [VIDEO]
The process of filling the 36 spots on the Dallas Cowboys' iconic cheerleading squad began this weekend, with 300 lovely and ultra-fit ladies attending an open tryout in Dallas.
The squad won't be finalized until closer to the 2011 NFL season (assuming labor issues don't wipe the seaso…
‘Horrible Bosses’ Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
After a number of box-office bombs, it looks like Jennifer Aniston may be ready for a big-screen comeback.
The former 'Friends' star is one of many famous faces co-starring in the summer comedy 'Horrible Bosses,' about three disgruntled coworkers who set out to kill their, well, h…
Young People Don’t Know Who The Beatles Are [VIDEO]
And now for something that will make you feel really old: The blog, I Hate Young People, recently took to the streets to quiz our nation's youngsters on their knowledge of The Beatles. The results: Well, let's just say they could use a little 'Help!'.
Not only had they never heard of the "Fab Fo…
Worst. Swing. EVER! [VIDEO]
Alright, now by no means do I consider myself P.G.A. material, but whenever I need a little boost of confidence for my golf game, I have to look no further than Sir Charles.

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