Can Your Toilet Do THIS?! [VIDEO]
If you want a powerful toilet, go to a Loews hotel.
Frustrated that about four guests a day were clogging up the latrine at each of their hotels, the Loews chain is now featuring an American Standard Champion 4 toilet that is so powerful it can flush 18 golf balls (or 40 feet of toilet paper) at once
Women + Vegetables = Banned Super Bowl Ad
According to PETA, this sexually charged Super Bowl ad was rejected by NBC due to a list of complaints that included things like the shot of a woman “licking pumpkin.”
Take a look and let us know — is woman/vegetable love too hot for TV?
How PGA Tour Players Get Ripped
Still trying to accomplish your new year's resolution goal of losing weight?
Try PGA golfer Ben Crane's workout; it's sure to help you lose those unwanted pounds. Or, just sit and get an ab workout from laughing at him.
Introducing… Meat Water?!
OK, we've all heard of Vitamin water, Gatorade and Powerade, right? But the bottled water craze has finally “jumped the shark” with new MeatWater.  Meat flavored water, seriously?
Hopefully Taco Bell isn't involved in this campaign...
Man Fired for Loving Green Bay Too Much [VIDEO]
What would you do if you were John Stone?
Chicago-based car salesman John Stone wasn't expecting to be fired when he wore a Green Bay Packers tie to his job at a car dealership on Monday. But that's exactly what happened, after he refused to remove the item at the management's repeated…
2010 Year In Review [VIDEO]
A look at what went on in 2010, from the devastating earthquake in Haiti, to the popular "double rainbow" viral video. Looking forward to what 2011 has to offer!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Q1077!

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