Brett Favre Retiring…For Real? [VIDEO]
Have my prayers been answered? Are my dreams (and many others I'm sure) come true?
Retirement rumors have swirled around Minnesota Vikings star Brett Favre a few times before, but this time, they might actually be true. Sources have told FOX Sports that Favre has filed retirement papers that …
NFL Fines Brett Favre
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has fined Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre $50,000 on Wednesday for failing to cooperate with the league's investigration over the sexting scandal with former NY Jets employee, Jenna Sterger.
Brett Favre Needs To Retire
After a record 297 consecutive starts over 19 seasons, Brett Favre finally made a smart decision, and took a seat on the Vikings bench.
The 41-year-old NFL quarterback, who has fought through broken bones, aches and pains and personal media controversies to play each week this season, experiences t…