Would Your Dog Say The Same Thing?
My dog would high five this dog and say Amen.
A friend of mine was staring at her phone and couldn't stop laughing, and I asked her what in the heck was so funny.  This dog!  She shared it with me, and I am sharing with you.  Pet owners will relate.
Texas Mugshots Are Not the Happiest Ones
There comes a point during the arrest process where you've got to make a decision.
To smile or not to smile?
It turns out, Texans aren't too cheery in mug shots overall.  See which state does have the happiest ones, and how Texas compares.
An Idaho Man is Carving Art Into His Back Hair
Ladies, if you like a clean-shaven guy, there's a chance you'll be grossed out by this.  But guys who have been blessed with an abundance of back hair will be thrilled!
A man in Nampa, Idaho is making the most of his back hair by shaving art into it, and you can actually buy …
This is What Happens When You Mix Milk and Coke
This video is up to 4.2 million views now on Youtube.  My first thought was that things would probably get volatile and explode when milk and Coke are combined, but what actually happens is surprising.  And kinda gross!
The video was posted in January, but for some reason there's a vir…
A Guy Saves For a Year to Buy His Wife the Perfect Gift
It's not necessarily the gift itself, but it's the fact that this husband new how much it would mean to her, socked money away for an entire year to make it happen, and made a scrapbook to reveal the big news.  Guys don't scrapbook!  What an amazing hubby...

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