East Texas Zoos Grow and Expand
The zoo in Lufkin just added a rare baby animal.  And in Tyler, a big expansion is making progress and should be finished this spring.
Our zoos in East Texas may not be the biggest in Texas, but they're unique, interesting, and they keep on growing.
Halloween Events Planned in Lufkin
Here are a few ideas about events happening around Lufkin around Halloween, so you and the kids can plan accordingly. Don't miss out!
The last week of October is always a busy one for trick-or-treaters, and parents have to make choices about which organized events to attend; or mix some of those…
Worker Escapes A Lion At The Dallas Zoo
Having a job working with animals at a zoo has to be sort of similar to a security guard watching security cameras all day.  Most of the time everything is calm and serene and just fine, and very little happens.  But then there's that one moment when things get tense, and it's time to act!
A worker w…
Ellen Trout Zoo Hatches New Snakes
Earlier this week - on Monday - two rare Louisiana Pine Snakes hatched at the Ellen Trout Zoo.
The zoo says on it's website that Louisiana Pine Snakes are a moderately large species of harmless snake related to the Bull and Gopher Snakes but are found only in isolated areas of west central Louisiana …

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