In the 1989 Patrick Swayze/Ben Gazzara movie "Road House", there is a scene in which Swayze's character Dalton, fires the bartender  --  telling him to  --  take the train.

An exceptional idea!  With summer vacation looming, why not take the train to your next destination.  Heck, don't even wait until summer.  De-stress with a weekend get-a-away!

During my wild Classic Rock days, wanting to impress the ladies, there was nothing more exhilarating than a spin on the tracks.  And, when Monday came, it was all over her office, that Rick St. Nick took her on a train ride!  It did not bother her in the least that we dined at "the Colonel", because we got there by rail.  So...surprise your significant other, or treat yourself to a new experience! 

In another movie comparison, Robin Williams portraying a college professor in "Dead Poet's Soceity", asks his students to see the classroom while standing atop their desks.  See East Texas and beyond, in a completely different way.  I'm sure you have driven between Longview and Marshall before, but by taking the train, you will likely view a fascinating trip that you missed all those times by automobile.

The Amtrak station (toot-toot) in Longview is only 91 miles from Lufkin and 71 miles from Nacogdoches.  All aboard!