Rock and roll legend and hunting advocate, Ted Nugent, has a few words for Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who said recently that he was interested in taking up hunting.

"Hunting is the pure and natural way to go grocery shopping for high protein, extraordinarily tasty and nutritious renewable wildlife, but you first have to aspire to a higher level of awareness in order to get close to the most wary and skittish beasts on the planet,” said Nugent in a statement.

Nugent's weapon of choice is the bow and arrow.

“My advice for Mark is to go slow, soak in the mighty spirit, and to call me. I would be happy to introduce Mark to the ultimate hunting experience,” said Nugent.

Ted Nugent will soon be on the road for his "I Still Believe" summer tour.

He only has one summer date it Texas, so plan now!

Aug 25 -
Houston, TX