As a violin maestro myself (well, I really haven't played since grade school), it gives me great pride to recognize Huntington's Timothy Dow as a connoisseur of the "strings".

What makes Dow's story most intriguing is the fact that he was home schooled on playing music.  Not just any music mind you.  We're talking the "classical" biggies -- Tchaikovsky (CHI-kov-SKI), and Beethoven (BAY-toe-VEN).  And here I thought my accomplishments of  playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb", and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", were going to send me to the Royal Philharmonic stage at the tender age of nine.  HA!!

You can hear Dow for yourself, in the Pineywoods Youth Orchestra at SFA, as well as the orchestra of the pines at SFA   I also hear he performs in a country band (huh)?  In his spare time, Timothy's passion for sound extends to the "crafts" environment, where he builds his own instruments!

Did I fail to mention Timothy is only 16 years young?  Watch out Ludwig!