Planning a BBQ is one of the most stimulating events of our life.  No, I didn't read about this in Home & Garden, nor did I get my info from a Food Network episode.  Just one man's impression - mine!

Now, while nothing gets my heart pumping more than a week-end cookout, there is one dreaded weasel that invariably wreaks havoc on any carefully planned good time.  Well, not really a weasel; more like the bothersome...


How about a little known Rick St. Nick tip that is likely to rid you of this pesky varmint?

Oh, got your attention did I?

Fill a zip-lock baggie with water (one-half full), add four pennies (not 2, not 3 - and no nickels, dimes, or quarters), then zip up the bag and hang them conspicuously around the 'campfire'.  Done!

After speaking with an expert on flies, it was explained that flies have lots of eyes, and with the millions of molecules present in water, this sends an image back to the fly similar to a zillion disco balls reflecting light, colors and movement in a dizzying manner.  When you consider that flies are prey for many other bugs, animals and birds, they may not risk buzzing your barbecue, in fear they may on the spider's dessert tray.

Trust me, you'll be thinking about this several times before during July 4th or Labor Day weekend!