Sorry folks.  David Letterman counting down this "list" on his show is probably stretching it a bit.  You see, there's really no numerical order when it comes to making the grade concerning states where abnormal diseases propagate.  What is known, is that Texas ranks in the 'Top 10'.

Since barging into our Country in '99, last years outbreak was reported to be one of the deadliest on record, with approximately 250 deaths attributed to West Nile Virus. 5,000 plus cases alone, and here in Texas, nearly one-third of that number occurred, causing 76 deaths, or four times the amount of any other state.

It was so bad last year that Dallas County took to the skies for insecticide spraying.  So, why Texas?  Two words.  Humidity and mosquitoes.

The National Weather Service is predicting warmer than usual weather this Summer, so here's suggesting some "OFF" during your next shopping excursion.