The city of Kountze is just a tiny hamlet buried in the vast wilderness of the Texas landscape, but if you mess with the Kountze High School cheerleaders, you are in for Big repercussions.

Now cheerleading is not just "rah-rah" from the sidelines of a game (I dated lead cheer Morgan Snedadeckers as a High School junior, well, I didn't really date her -- have you seen the movie "Can't Buy Me Love"? --  it was kind of like that), but also involves sign painting, and banner hanging.

You can click here to see the positioning of the Kountze ISD, as officials would not allow the cheerleaders to display banners featuring religious sentiment.  The cheerleaders sued the school district where a judge recently ruled in their favor.

The complaining party, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, is dedicated to the separation of church and state.  But it remains unclear whether the cheerleaders themselves, or the school, was actually responsible for the message(s) of faith.

Governor Rick Perry and Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott have been said to support the cheerleaders citing their rights being protected under the "Freedom of  Speech" Act.