I'm optimistic that we'll have a chill in the air very soon, and with daytime heating being put to bed, that can only signify one thing -- deer hunting season in Texas is this close.

There were no safety classes when my daddy taught me to shoot 35 years ago, and reflecting back on those Kodak moments, me holding .30-06 (thirty-aught-six) shells, let alone loading up, would have been enough to scare "Billy The Kid".

Should have seen the expression on his face when I told him that I was - shooting - for a career in law enforcement.

Hunter Education Certification is mandatory for those born AFTER September 1, 1971, before you can legally hit the trail running here in Texas.

A two day classroom setting taught by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) instructor will give you a heads up when it comes to gun safety and laws.  Upon successful completion of the course, you shall receive a lifetime certificate, which usually holds validity in other states requiring similar conditions being met.

There is a nominal fee associated with the curriculum, so to get the full - scope - of upcoming courses by city, click here.

Happy Hunting!