People are always saying I'm a little quirky, because of my observation while driving tendencies.  For example, my eagle eye description of unknown varmints crossing the roadway, the ability to find the obscure signage behind a cluster of trees announcing a two-for-one dining experience, and other motorists about to invade my lane due to "DWT" - that's "driving while texting".

Pardon the pun, but I also tend to pick-up on the curb side trash that seems to accumulate in an infinite pile of indescribable rubbish.

Thanks to the wealth of some 500 East Texas Felix Ungar's over the weekend, the unsightly filth grazing along the likes of Medford Drive, has once again been replaced by greenery.

In conjunction with "Lufkin Beautiful Clean" and the "Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)", the Don't Mess With Texas Trash-off just completed its 27th successful year.

Last year's event drew around 80,000 people statewide.