Just a friendly reminder that school is back in session, and that means slowing down when coming across those "flashing yellow" zones.

For the person in that late model SUV blowing through yesterday at 50+ miles per hour, "Shirley and Company" could not have said it better -- Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame...shame on you.

Traveling to an appointment that runs through a school restricted speed area that normally takes 7 minutes?  You will now need 12 to get to that same location.

Do you remember when school started after Labor Day?  It seemed more rational back then, but then the country itself, and how we lived, was much more rational.

Getting the kids back into a five day groove (getting up early, catching the bus, grabbing a fast bite) seemed sensible for maximum production.  Going on a five day schedule on Week 1, only to put in four days during Week 2, only to go back to five days in Week 3, never really gets the education juices flowing until that Week 3.

If you ask me, it's nine quasi-wasted days with lack of focus and drive, as students are looking forward to the holiday rather than assignments.

Once again, pay closer attention to your speed around school zones.  Remember, multiple lives come into play when carelessness overcomes your personality.