Did anyone besides myself happen to watch Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma on Saturday?  You read that right.  Didn't see but one team participating in what was supposed to be  -   a game.

The score was so lopsided at halftime (36-2), I ended up watching half a "High Chaparral" rerun on INSP; a channel that I wasn't aware was part of my everyday viewing.

Now, for you die-hard Longhorn fans, it's better to get waxed 63-21, rather than losing 17-16  -  I think!  Still, it's hard to believe this year, that Texas is at the bottom of the ocean when it comes to defense, ranking next to last in "points against", and "total yards against" (407 to the Sooners  after only 30 minutes!)

My friend, a U of T graduate, who actually owns not one, but three pair of orange slacks, and who was among the audience in Dallas, said walking out of the stadium, he could hear the voices of the faithful calling out the Longhorns for their lackluster performance.

But, if I'm allowed to put in my two pennies (again), here goes.  No matter how you slice it, a student-athlete is not a professional sports athlete.  It's an apple and orange mix, despite how much playing time is assumed to qualify for the high rent district called the NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA.

The student-athlete could be thinking about their mid-term, or having to awaken at 6:00 a.m for a game starting at  Noon.   They may need more time to study for the Chemistry exam which goes first thing Monday morning, or maybe a recently busted relationship keeps them from bringing the "A" game.

I have always felt strongly about paying student-athletes for their duties.  Not some egregious amount of salary, but rather, let's say for example, $10 per hour.  A job  --  if you will.  This would at the very least minimize excuses  --  maybe?

And for those folks that are denouncing coach Mack Brown, here' something to contemplate; when was the last time a university fired one of its professors because students failed to absorb the curriculum?

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