Nothing says summer more!  Especially on one of our many hot and sticky evenings, as we try to decide if it's worth taking another shower before beddie-bye.

Was never up on the "per capita" lingo, and just don't have the time to undertake an exhaustive search on some trivial matter.  Let's just say that the Beer Institute has released their 'Top 10' 2012 per capita list of states that guzzled down the most brewskies.

You heard it right, The Beer Institute, where people actually get paid to compile this type of data (great job if you can get it; wonder about the fringe benefits).

Surprisingly, North Dakota claimed top honors.  But then again, if you resided in North Dakota, with all the excitement going on there, then you're likely to wind up pounding down a few extra pale ales (do they even have cable access in North Dakota?).

So, is the suspense about where Texas stands in this report killing you?  I really thought we would crack the top 5, but again, when you consider those states that are trend setters, like Montana and South Dakota, offering their citizens...(give me a month to find something worthwhile)...then, it's hard not to see why there is no room for the Texas two-step.

Here is the 2012 list of the most beer drinking states:

(1)   North Dakota
(2)   New Hampshire
(3)   Montana
(4)   South Dakota
(5)   Wisconsin
(6)   Nevada
(7)   Vermont
(8)   Nebraska
(9)   Texas
(10) Maine

Not surprisingly, Utah ranked last in this survey.  Lived there for eight years.  The beer is 3.2% alcohol.  Thankfully, Nevada was only 37 miles away.