Once upon a time (like yesterday), the bad guys were shooting the good guys.  Nowadays, the good guys are shooting the good guys.

Take the case of retired Texas firefighter Raul Rodriguez, who chose to "stand his ground", and will spend a minimum of twenty years as a state sanctioned jailbird, and since we're not careful about how we use firearms against unarmed people, let's the name the law "In The Ground", because that's where the victims are ending up after severe misinterpretation of the law.

Me?  Haven't read one single shred of wording relating to this legislation.  Kind of seems common sense to me though.  I'm walking to my vehicle in the parking lot of  my favorite dining establishment when accosted by a couple thugs demanding my wallet.  BANG!!!

In the Rodriguez case from 2010, he initiated the confrontation by, according to court testimony, with his legally permitted concealed weapon, walked over to the home of Kelly Danaher over a loud birthday party, then got into a verbal altercation with Danaher and two others.  Rodriguez shot.  Danaher died.

I guess the real mystery here is how a former firefighter, in an occupation requiring  split second sound decision making , could adopt a "wild west" persona something akin to Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.  You have to wonder if some mental instability, caused by a career of high anxiety, was at the core of Rodriguez's decision.

Even so, that knee-jerk split second decision exposed a premature boiling point, that in the end jurors agreed against --  a  "justified" shooting.