Something interesting happened during last night's telecast of the baseball game between the San Diego Padres and our Texas Rangers, and you may have already been asleep when it occurred in the eighth inning around 11:15 p.m.

It wasn't a batter breaking up a no-hitter, or perfect game.  It wasn't a spectacular catch by a fielder.  It wasn't a record breaking outing featuring the most strikeouts, ground outs, or fly outs.  It wasn't a lengthy nose-to-nose fracas between Manager and Umpire.  It wasn't someone running onto the field in their birthday suit.  It wasn't a night of remembrance to celebrate a former member of  either teams illustrious career.

Dave Barnett, who is the Texas Rangers play-by-play announcer on television, said there was a runner on fifth base after a botched robbery.  The "call" also included the word henchman before the broadcast went silent for a few seconds.  The incident, being described as rambling and incoherent dialogue, will cost Dave a least two days off the job while he undergoes evaluation.  Here's the transcript:

According to the team, Mr. Barnett may have had a relapse of migraine headaches.  Let's hope this gets fully resolved with Dave's voice back on-air quickly.