Are you aware the USPS (United States Postal Service) first class stamped mail has reduced from 52 billion to 26 billion deliveries in 9 years?  Why?  Today, the "mailbox is now in the computer".  Okay, let me put this into perspective.  You own a business that ships 100 units annually in 2003.  In 2012, you now move 50 units yearly.  Something has to give, right?

That's why an estimated 35, 000 workers may be displaced beginning May 15, when nearly half of the country's 461 processing centers are slated for shutdown.  States affected include: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio,Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, California, and TEXAS.

The latest word is nine postal centers total, including two in Waco.  KLTV 7, ealier this year reported the Tyler processing facility will likely be a part of the cuts.  If there's a bright side, though, Corpus Christi is scheduled to slash 71 jobs, while adding 78 positions in nearby San Antonio.