Kennedale, Texas in Tarrant County boasts a population of about 6,700.  According to the Internet driving distance calculator, it lies 200 miles north of Lufkin, and I'll bet it is not on the plotting coordinates of where you may spend your summer vacation.

But one woman in town, Robin Evans, puts Kennedale on the map each year, and she doesn't do it for personal gain, but rather, in trying to make a difference in her community.

Complete with sleeping bag and tent, Robin maintains a rooftop vigil at the First United Methodist Church, and she won't be coming down from her platform until 50,000 pounds of food donations are raised for local pantries.  A tough task in its own right, without factoring in the steamy summer season.  Last year it only took four days to reach the goal.

Here's more from this magnificient lady:

You can follow Robin's efforts on the "Robin on the Roof" Facebook page.