Didn't even know there was such a thing as ACSI.  An acronym for the "Atrociously Complex Sexual Inhibitions" index.  Be very aware that you and I are likely a part of this statistic at least once monthly!

Now I know you're scratching your head.  Me too!  W-w-w-w-w-ait just a moment.  Do you remember the old Saturday Night Live episodes featuring Gilda Radner as "Rose Anne Rosanna Dana"?  At the conslusion of her commentary skit, when she always used to say NEVER MIND?  Well, NEVER MIND.  I need to perform a do-over...sorry.

ACSI does Not stand for "Atrociously Complex Sexual Inhibitions".  It actually stands for:

The "American Consumer Satisfaction Index", whereby someone gets to rate the overall customer satisfaction of their dining experience.  Here are the 2012 "ACSI" Scores (the higher the better):

(9) McDonald's 73%, (8) Burger King 75%, (7) KFC 75%, (6) Starbucks 76%, tied at (5) Taco Bell and Domino's with 77%, tied at (4) Wendy's and Pizza Hut 78%, (3) Dunkin Donuts 79%, tied at (2) Little Caesar and Subway, (1) Papa John's 83%.

The score is based upon the sample of 250 customer interviews from more than 70,000 surveys!

So then, what is the plus or minus factor percentage of this poll, and how reliable should we believe it to be?