Have you added up the bills? How much did your wedding cost?  Is it the brides that drive up the cost, or do the grooms want to go all out too?

I'm the type that is just fine living in the dark, and never knowing how much I've spent on things like that. What I don't know can't hurt me!  But I'm pretty in my case, much less was spent.  I just can't justify spending all that money on something that lasts one day, when we could take that chunk of money and invest it in a covered arbor for the back patio, new landscaping for the front of the house, granite counter tops, and sexy new jeans.

What about you? Would you rather have a wedding or a small SUV? The average wedding costs over $28,000, according to XO Group Inc., the company behind wedding websites like The Knot and The Wedding Channel.

Couples in Manhattan pay the most, at around $76,000 per nuptial, and folks in Alaska get off the cheapest, spending around $15,000.  In Houston, the average is close to the middle - at $32,000.  The average wedding dress costs about $1200.

The most popular month to become engaged is December, and the most popular month for weddings is June.

Vegas anyone?