If you're applying to go to a particular college in the fall, the first week of April is usually the time to find out whether or not you've been accepted, and then you have to notify the school by the first part of May if you accept the invitation.  Every school works differently, but that seems to be the general trend.

SFA is taking applications for the fall, and they've posted info on how to apply on their website.

There is one school in the US that gets more than 38,000 applications every year, and accepts only 2200 new students.  Any guess?  It's an Ivy League school.

Your odds of getting into Stanford are slim.  They accept just under six percent of those who apply.  Each year, 38,828 applicants want to join the Stanford Cardinal, and 2200 are accepted.  Other tough schools to get into, according to the Washington Post, include Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton.  If you get into any of those schools, you don't dare goof off, skip classes, or party.  You've paid big bucks to be there, and thousands of others are right on your tail waiting to take your spot if you mess up and flunk out.

I went to the University of Nebraska.  Not exactly Ivy League, but it was a great school, I had a good time, and I left much smarter than the day I went in.  There are plenty of great schools in Texas too, with admission rates much higher than five or six percent.

Across the board, many colleges say they're getting a record number of applications and are accepting even fewer students than they were in the past, making the environment more competitive than ever.