About three weeks have passed since I met a man while filling up the tank of  my 1974 lime green Pinto with 8-track player.  Have you seen me driving around the city?  By the way, want to thank Dornan and Clarice who were kind enough to push me out of the Timberland/Chestnut intersection last Saturday.

The man with the Arkansas license plate on his vehicle started complaining about nothing to do here.  "Been visiting relatives for four days", he said.  Must have been his wife in the front seat with his two children in the back.  10 years old I'm guessing.  He continued his calm rant by telling me that in the small Arkansas community where he resided, there were far more attractions to attend.  His disdain for the word "Lufkin" was evident, almost as if he had just swallowed a grasshopper.

Upon arriving to work this morning and beginning the daily ritual of maneuvering through an endless forest of e-mails, I was pleasantly surprised to see one from "The Man From A.R.K.A.N.S.A.S.", thanking me for my suggestion of taking in the animals at the Ellen Trout Zoo.  He also mentioned he is now a faithful listener to Q1077.com!  Now, that's what I call  --  a happy ending.

East Texas (Classic) ROCKS!!