Through a combined effort from TXU Energy and The Campbell Group, a donation in the amount of $60,000 will be made to Love, Inc., with the cash being used as part of TXU Energy Aid.

It's not easy asking for assistance when it is desperately needed.  I believe most people are prideful about paying their own way despite what you hear in media reports about many selfish individuals. That's why this donation is so important.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

For the record, TXU Energy is the largest bill-payment assistance program among all electricity providers in the United States, and have provided more than $75 million in assistance for over 400,000 Texans.

TXU Energy Aid is administered by community partners, including Love Inc., and a rewarding experience it is for all involved, especially when summer here can be a grind when the utilty bill soars at the same rate as the sweltering heat.

So, here's a big thank you to TXU Energy and the Campbell Group, for taking the sweat out of paying the bill.