Don't mean to be critical of the space program (NASA), but is spending money on a trip to Mars really beneficial  --  to anyone?

Considering the price-tag for this overrated movie was 2.5 Billion, I'll bet you that lots of people could have health care coverage today considering the dollars spent on this seven month travel expenditure.

We landed on the Moon in '69, and back then it was cutting edge, innovative, and dare I say, sexy.  When the Space Shuttle program took flight, it too was revolutionary for its time, as scientists and star-gazers alike could go to the next step of astronony.

Every household expense today seems more pricey than yesterday, yet the cost of living adjustment in wages remains stagnant.  So, then why do we continue to do things that require a mountain of cash, with no real "bang for your buck" when the project completes.

Something else that has always bothered me, and maybe you can shed some light.  Remember what happened to the astronauts after "Apollo" splashed down?  They immediately went into quarantine to insure they and the public were not subject to deadly atmospheric contamination.  But, what about the space capsule itself?

Don't want to cause a commotion, but Cancer is at an epidemic proportion.  I would like to see the statistics on rates of incidence before and after we started taking joy rides through the solar system.