The Billboard Awards Sunday night seemed to lean toward pop and hip hop, but rock had its winners too.  Like U2, blowing everybody away when it comes to touring. 

U2 accepted the top touring band award for their 360 tour, which is also now the highest-grossing tour in history.  Accepting the award, Bono said, "You can make classic albums in your bedroom and you can play the greatest show of your life on a one-string guitar but we just don't do that."

Thank you U2.  It's nice to share!

Backstage at the awards, Bono called the tour a "magic trick," saying, "the striking thing about all the scale and the spectacle of it seem to disappear at a certain point and you're just surrounded, you're just left there surrounded with, y'know, your audience."

U2's magic trick of a show is underway again with Leg 3 of the tour.    All the dates can be found at the band's website. St. Louis appears to be the closest show.