Holy Cow Batman!

These days it is commonplace to review every document known to civilization regarding any report, journal, manuscript, article, finding, etc...

Believing in its content on face value because the author is considered a topical expert is why MSNBC gives us "American Greed and Scams" six times on Sunday.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the action of pressurized fluid and sand forced underground allowing gas to flow freely.

In his report, University of Texas professor, Charles Groat, submitted that the procedure of fracking, while surface spills have been duly noted, proved no evidentiary support of groundwater contamination.  But wait a minute!  Other notable experts in the field of fracking say water sources are polluted with dangerous chemicals due to the drilling procedure.

Apparently, Mr. Groat forgot to disclose in his study that he has sat on the board of Plains Exploration & Production Company (PXP) for.....five years.  Oops!  PXP is listed as an independent oil and gas group operating in West and East Texas, as well as California, and is involved primarily in upstream activities of acquiring, developing, and producing oil and gas.

A new "independent" study has since been requested by the University.  In the meantime, a water purifier for your drinking consumption is highly recommended.